Achieve Success With B2B Malaysia Lead Generation

About Us

TAKO is a leading B2B Malaysia Lead Generation Service Provider. We work with the customers as digital marketing partners who understand your business goals, challenges, and opportunities. We create and implement effective online marketing campaigns that deliver results, such as increased traffic, leads, sales, and loyalty.




TAKO envisions streamlined lead conversion through modern digital marketing solutions, empowering businesses for lasting success.



At TAKO, our mission is to exceed industry benchmarks. Our aim is to consistently surpass our 25.6% leads conversion milestone for our clients.



At TAKO, our values are reflected in how we establish trust, demonstrate care and respect, communicate with humility, engage in active listening, and express gratitude to both our esteemed clients and dedicated colleagues.

Industry Recognition

Albert Kow, (Ph.D), Founder of TAKO Astatic Technology Sdn Bhd

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